Affiliate Marketing Store (CurrentWork In Progress)

I'm currently working on software that will allow the creation of multiple virtual online stores, that are built from a centralised store of online products from various suppliers who run affiliate programmes via various affiliate networks.   The store code, the centralised data store and management tool are all in this project's scope, and will be implemented using Laravel.   This is a progression of the OpenCart modules i wrote around 2013/14 to facilitate the creation of online virtual stores.

CVAS (Comprehensive Visitor Analysis System)

CVAS is a statistics aggregation system, written for Perendale Publishers. It aggregates viewership statistics from a variety of online publishing platforms used by Perendale, such as ScribD, DocStoc, Issu, SlideShare and ConstantContact(eMailShot service).    This aggregated information is then available to Perendale's advertisers in a variety of formats to give them a clear indication of their advert's performance in Perendale's publications. To read more check out the CVAS home page


TechIgnition is a new web development business that i've started up on a part time basis and offers web design and development services at competitive rates in the Gloucestershire and Wiltshire areas.     Why not take a look at the website.

SLCommsLib (now defunct)

An LSL/PHP secure communications layer allowing SecondLife objects to create and maintain psuedo-persistant connections with a remote web server(via PHP), also allowing RPCs over this connection from SecondLife, as oppossed to SecondLife's default unsecure RPC access of inbound calls only + much much more...... further info to follow soon ...

KGallery (now defunct)

An AJAX based commentable picture gallery, written in PHP, utilising XAJAX library, and SQLite as a database.

KChat (now defunct)

A chat system implementation, client created using Flash 8, server written in Java, communications via sockets using an XML protocol.

SCart (now defunct)

Simple shopping cart system implemented some time ago(around 2003/4) in PHP/MySQL. Includes a backend admin system for tracking orders, and allows admin users to toggle between normal user usage, and admin, where the admin user has the ability to edit stock items inline