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Personal Details

Personal details have been omitted, after all, this is the internet.


Kris is proficient in a number of programming languages and web technologies. He is skilled in the use of numerous web technologies along with a number of other languages including Java, C & Visual Basic. He is currently employed as senior developer with CreateMyNet and is overseeing & contributing to the development of their Web 2.0 business networking software, CreateMyNet, along with other projects. This involves the good technical knowledge and use of PHP, Joomla, Symfony, Javascript, AJAX, W3C compliance, HTML, CSS, Unix/Linux, Apache, and MySQL. Not only is Kris passionate about web development, focussed on Web2.0 of late, he also spends time developing his own personal projects outside of work(see Projects)


Languages - PHP(4/5/7), BASH, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Java, C, KSH, Visual Basic (<=6), Flash, ActionScript, LSL(SecondLife)

Technologies & Libraries - AWS, Laravel, Lumen, Eloquent, SASS, Gulp, CodeIgniter, GIT, SVN, Jenkins, JQuery, Angular, Ionic, Symfony, Propel, Smarty, AJAX, XML, Sockets, Composer

Applications - Apache, MySQL, Oracle, Joomla, PhpMyAdmin, Vi, PSPad, PaintShop Pro

Operating Systems - Unix, Linux(Ubuntu/CentOS), Solaris, Windows(95, 98, 2000, XP)

Other - APIs, Software Design, OOP, OOD, Development, W3C Compliancy

Employment History

Senior Developer, Zing Digital ( Jan 16 - present date )


Senior LAMP Developer, Data Interconnect ( Jul 15 - Dec 15 )


Developer, JB Global ( Aug 09 - May 15 )

Working within a team of developers contributing towards JBGlobal’s ClickCartPro based furniture eCommerce site, http://www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk , using Linux, PHP, MySQL, Apache, HTML/CSS, JQuery, Subversion and Bugzilla.    Projects have included Promotions Manager module, Scheduled Content module, Dynamic Reporting Tool and a Customer Services case management tool to name but a few.

Senior Developer, LlamaDigital (Oct 07 - Aug 09)

Working within a small team of web developers to create small to medium sized bespoke websites for a variety of clients using a variety of mainly open source technologies including PHP4/5, Doctrine ORM, HTML, AJAX, Apache, MySQL, Linux, Subversion, Drupal, ModX, Java/Lucene, Llama's bespoke CMS and VB. As a member of a small team who undertake a large volume of projects, the ability to take on ownership, responsibility and work autonomously on projects where necessary, is an essential skill within this role. Also required to have a good level of input on specification of proposed solutions to any given problem. Occasional customer contact for the purposes of requirement capture and support.

Developer, Insight (Aug 07 - Oct 07)

Working as part of a web development team developing and maintaining the Insight web site, mainly using technologies such as PHP4(OOP), Apache and Oracle. In the month spent in this role the main project undertaken was rewriting the Royal Mail postcode-to-address lookup interface utilised on the Insight website.

Senior Developer, CreateMyNet Ltd (Sept 06 - Apr 07) (Redundancy)

Senior developer overseeing and implementing the development of this new start up's business networking application using PHP to extend and develop new Joomla CMS components/modules. Also developing further sites and web applications using PHP/CSS/Javascript/AJAX and Symfony framework. To take charge of the Linux development environment(PHP, MySQL, Apache) and implementation of all live system updates. Some data conversion also undertaken using AutoIT in an XP desktop environment. Also to oversee and mentor a junior developer as well as assist a graphics designer in advising on design implementation possibility and suggest alternative ideas where necessary.

Developer, NTL (Apr 02 - Aug 06)

To write software to accompany and support NTL's fraud investigation system. Writing C, ksh script, PHP, CGI, HTML/Javascript and Java in a UNIX/LINUX environment. Also VB & VBScript in an NT environment. Centre of teams web-development knowledge. Along with other duties currently responsible for web enabling a number of existing systems and developing some new for other departments with in NTL. Previous projects include NTL's Nuisance Call Case Management System(PHP/Oracle) and NTL's Internet Abuse Reporting(PHP/MySQL/C) web based applications. Current project Systems Monitor(Java J2SE). Knowledge of Informix, Oracle, Solaris, Linux, C, Apache/PHP and MySQL essential in this role.

Junior Developer, eBillity (iDesk Plc) (Sept 00 - Feb 02)

Responsible for web development of iDesk's web based e-billing platform. The platform was a WebObjects based application and required customer specified modifications to be implemented. Modifications were made via html, webscript and java. This also involved writing code in C++, Java, Delphi and Visual Basic to aid a more rapid development of the platform. The platform had an Oracle database backend, so a working knowledge of both Oracle admin/config and SQL was necessary. As the platform ran on a unix set up, also responsible for admin/configuration and troubleshooting for a number of Sun machines, including an E450 work group server. Final project with iDesk's eBilling was to write a server side java application to dynamically generate PDFs(Adobe's Portable Document Format).

2nd Line Helpdesk, iDesk Plc (Mar 98 - Aug 00)

Responsible for support of ISP customers in the use of Dial Up Networking (Win 95, 98 & NT), Shiva Remote Dialler (Win 3.1), Netscape Navigator, Communicator, Internet Explorer 5 and other Internet applications. Development work in back office Internet operations and project work ensuring on going environment enhancements.

Education & Training

Sun Solaris 7 Fundamentals, Sys Admin 1, & Sys Admin 2(partial), (Feb 2001)

University Of Hertfordshire, BSc Computing & Philosophy 2.1(hon), (Sept 97 - Jun 00)

GLOSCAT College, Access Course, (Sept 96 - Jun 97)

Hobbies & Interests

Keen interest in technology as a whole, more specifically in communications, virtual environments, web development and surrounding technologies.

Software development.

Listening to and creating music(guitar, electronica).


References are available on request