I Bought a New Car - MR2 !!

finally bought the car i've always wanted

I finally got around to buying a new car !    I made a fair bit of cash in the last tax year, and the tax man says i can afford a new car, so i am now a proud owner of an MR2 Sportster/Roadster, and i'm absolutely loving it !!

New Car - MR2

I bought it from Yate Cars Sales and to be honest, i totally recommend buying a used car from these guys.   I can't rate/recommend them enough !    For starters, all of their cars come with a 2 year warranty included in any price they are asking.   The sales staff are totally unpushy, they are more helpful than pushy, and will talk all day to you about a car you're looking at, with out pushing for the sale !    And on top of all of this, i had an issue with the new MR2 only a few miles up the road, the Engine Management Light went orange, so i turned around and took it straight back, and they were no fuss at all, "no problem we'll get that sorted for you, at our cost of course !"  You seriously cannot find more honest and fair than that !

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Raspberry Pi - ANOTHER must have !

£22 for a complete computer the size of a credit card !    Complete with hdmi, audo outs and 2xUSB ports !

I *have* to have one of these, though they sold out in the first minute of going on sale !   Guess i'll have to wait for the next batch to come on sale.   Dieing to see if i can run a web server from it, and what else i can do with it.

Check out this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BbufUp_HNs or even better have a look at the Raspberry Pi site.

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Plus Symbols in Email Addresses

Have you ever seen + symbols used in email addresses and wondered what that was about ?

eg;    user.name+something@domain.com

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A Long Overdue Site Update

Finally i've gotten around to updating the CoderKris.com site.    It's been running since 2007 on a very simple home grown array based CMS.   

In light of another project i have in mind, and after searching around the web for a solution that covers the requirements i have for this, I've found and opted to use a fairly extensive php blog/cms solution called PivotX, which seems to do just about EVERYTHING.

Very Happy !

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