Get The G1's WIFI To Activate Whilst Still In The Sign In Phase

I have an old Google G1 phone, that i use now just for experimentation.   Sometimes i end up reflashing it, and i end up in a situation where i have to get past the initial stages of Android setup where it forces you to sign into a google account before it will let you go any further - and with no valid sim card in it, the only other option is to use WIFI.   The only problem is you can't get to the WIFI settings to turn it on, until you pass the initial sign in phase :(

Any way, here's a handy run through, along with all nessecary downloads to use ADB and a usb cable to control Android in the background and bring up the WIFI settings whilst still in the sign in phase :

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Better Keyboard For Android (and others)

If you like me have a hard time typing on a phone touch screen, you might want to check out SnapKeys.

It looks like a very very promising alternative touch screen keyboard for Android and other mobile OSes.   Instead of having lots of tiny little keys laid out like a querty keyboard, SnapKey has just 4 buttons, each with 3 characters on, and by some clever text prediction algorithm, it can figure out just from these 4 keys what the word is that you're typing.   It also has some extras for when it doesn't get it right, but by all accounts, it's very very good.

Unfortunately i don't have space on my limited San Francisco 1 to install it and try it out, but as soon as i get my new phone(hopefully soon) it'll be one of the first things i install.

Extra: here's some more keyboards for Android :

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Android 5.0 ( JellyBean ) To Be Released 2012 Q3 - RUMOUR

Ice Cream Sandwich (Android v4.0) has not long been available and rumour has it that Android v5.0 (JellyBean) should be with us in Q3 of this year !

Read more about this rumour over at RedmondPie.

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Android Terminator Glasses !

Check these 'terminator glasses' that will work with Android phones, i MUST HAVE these !

Supposedly to be released before the end of this year, we'll have augmented reality for REAL, superimposed over the top of our normal vision - i only hope the optician offers these with prescription lenses in.

I cant wait !

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Ubuntu For Dockable Android Phones

I've never really felt the nessecity for the latest and coolest gadget phone out there, but now, seeing that Ubuntu is now available for higher end dockable Android phones, i REALLY want a phone capable of running this !

From what i've read it looks to me like after installing you have a full Ubuntu desktop operating system running from your phone !    How amazing is that ??

find out more here

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