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I've not used Firefox as my main browser in a long while now, probably for almost as long or longer as my break from adding entries to my blog !    Chrome is now my main browser and over my time of using it i've found a few extensions in the Chrome Store that have made my life easier or more fun.

LastPass is an extension that allows you to access your LastPass passwords and notes directly from Chrome at the click of a button.   You can either launch & login to sites from the exension drop down.   It also allows you to open your LastPass Vault (the LastPass site).

Session Buddy has saved my browser tabs many times now !   It's essentially an extension that periodically keeps track of all the tabs and windows that you currently have open, as well as allowing you to save a set at any point in time.   It comes into it's own when you want to either load up a previously saved set of windows and tabs, or if you want to restore the last previous saved set due to Chrome crashing and losing all of your tabs.   When you restore, it opens all tabs and windows back up as they were at the point you or the system saved them.

Tabli is a tab manager, and of those that i've tried i'd reccomend this one.   It allows you to see all tabs across all windows (seperated by window) in a drop down from the extension bar, from which you can filter, choose(jump to tab) or delete.   Super handy when you regularly have tons of tabs open.

Tab Suspender is another handy extension for those you regularly have many tabs open.   With out Tab Suspender or something similar your browser soon runs low on memory and starts to slow down.   Tab Suspender will automatically set any tab that has been idle for longer than a configurable number of mins into sleep mode, and will free up any resources associated with the tab.   When you return to that tab you merely click into the content to have the content reload and become active again.   You can also set whitelisted domains/urls that will be exempt from auto-sleeping.

Fast Tab Switcher is yet another handy tool to have if you have alot of tabs open at any one time(yes you might have guessed i normally do !).    It reminds me a lot of Mac's cmd+space search functionality.    You can essentially hit the hotkey then start typing the name of the tab you are looking for and it will automatically search as you type.   When you see the one you want, click it and you will be taken directly to the chosen tab.

Virtual Hosts is more than likely for the developer readers.   It basically allows you to send a "host:" header in a request, despite the url accessing the server via IP.    This is great when you dont have a local DNS set up or you dont have access to your hosts file.

Ears is an awesome extension for any one who listens to alot of music through Chrome.   It's essentially a graphic equaliser, that you can enable or disable for any tab you wish, and save any number of presets you like.   I use Deezer alot, and since at work i have no operating system level graphic equaliser, this is great !

Google Tasks is a simple but very effective 'to do' task list that ties in with Google Tasks.   It allows for multiple lists of tasks, as well as being able to define due dates on each task.  Each task can be marked as complete, and lists of tasks can be sorted by various fields.  The best ToDo list i've seen as an extension yet.

Foxy Proxy Standard is an *AWESOME* dynamic multi proxy extension for Chrome.    To put it simply, it allows you to set up any number of remote proxies, and then either use just any one of them at any given time, or automatically use any specific proxy based upon domain/url pattern matching, or of course set to disabled and dont use any proxies at all.   I find this super handy when i want to work from home, via ssh to work, using a dynamic ssh tunnel, such that i can then connect to dynamic port using Foxy Proxy, and have domains resolved from my work box, as well as the actual http(s) proxying -- essentially it means i can access all my remote development machines development web sites, via the same development urls, from my home machine ! Perfect ! 

Hope you find this list useful, worthy of checking out some of the extensions, and hopefully you'll find something of use to you as well.

Thursday 30 November 2017 at 3:19 pm | | Chrome

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