Has it Really Been Almost Three Years ???

Has it really been almost three years since i last posted here ??  YES it has, and i've just realised i've let alot of things slide in this time also.    So where have i been, what have i been doing ?   Good question !

Where to begin ...... Perhaps a good start maybe where i was at around about the last post in late 2014.

I was in a development job i really wasn't enjoying any longer(due to company politics and the way the company handled it's development work), but feeling i may be stuck, due to having been there for over 5 years at the time.    I'd been made offers for other jobs in the run up to this time, but hadn't taken them.   For some reason, despite no longer enjoying the job i was in, i felt i was comfortable and safe as i knew the surround and workings despite not agreeing or enjoying them.

Any way, the time came to conquer my worries, step outside of my comfort zone, and move on around the middle of 2015.   I got offered a new contract with a document management company in Faringdon, as a Senior LAMP Developer, which i jumped at.   I stayed here for 6 months and really enjoyed it on the most part.  I made some new friends, and felt like a valued member of the team.   The code wasn't great, but i did find this a good opportunity to demonstrate ways to refactor/restructure it such that it would improve the various versions of the same software they had and got a good sense of job satisfaction in being able to do this.

The only downfall of this job was the daily commute to Faringdon, which is why when my current employer offered me a job in Cirencester, within a technical creative agency as a Senior Developer i had to accept.   On the most part this is awesome.   I work with a great bunch of guys(we have our ups and downs, but mostly it's up), even the boss is a bit of a nutter, with a great and similar sense of humour.   Here i get to work with some pretty cool technologies (Angular, Laravel, Lumen, CodeIgniter 3, Vue, Gulp, Ionic, AWS to name but a few) and get to help build some pretty cool sites/apps.

As some may know, at the end of 2010 i had a bit of a cancer problem, followed by chemotherapy, followed by regular checkups to monitor my well being.   Well, another big thing for this year was having the hospital tell me they no longer think i am in any danger and that that was the last checkup i needed to attend.  As any one can imagine that is a huge load off my mind.

I've been a bit all over the shop for a while due to job changes and medication(anti depressants) slowing me down at times, and let this blog slide as well as other personal projects !   Well now i'm settled, and the cancer is no longer a problem, i think it's time to get myself clear of the anti depressants, and set some ambitious targets as well as getting into the habit of writing a blog post once every couple of weeks !   2018 is going to be the start of a fresh me !  (i'm already preparing)

Sunday 12 November 2017 at 1:21 pm | | Personal

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