Dual Boot Ubuntu 13.04 / Windows 8

how to install Ubuntu 13.04 along side Windows 8 - when Ubuntu doesn't detect Windows 8

Recently I bought a new laptop with Windows 8 Home installed as default(an Acer V5-471 from Tescos, at an amazingly good price ;) ), though when i came to install Ubuntu WUBI on it, everything went great until i attempted to boot into WUBI.   On attempting to boot i got a white on black text error scree pertaining to "wubildr.mbr".

After a bit of research i found that this was down to the new type of boot configuration on new hardware known as UEFI & Secure Boot.

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Ubuntu - OpenVPN

connecting to an OpenVPN from Ubuntu client

Recently my employer changed it's VPN from being a Windows PPTP connection to an OpenVPN configuration.   For Windows users it was no problem, they supplied a preconfigured installation of the OpenVPN client for Windows which worked out of the box.

However, when i came to trying to get up and running on a Ubuntu machine i had a few problems.   My employer had supplied me with a .ovpn config file that i was supposedly going to be able to just give to Ubuntu and it would work - it didn't.

The is what i had to do :-

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