Affiliate Marketing Networks

I've been playing/experimenting with afilliate marketing over the last year, and even though i've not made alot of money at it yet, i'm getting asked by friends and colleagues about which networks i use.

So really here's a quick post to give links to the two networks i used the most :-

Amazon Affiliate Programme UK - This programme is good in that there is a HUGE product database to retreive products from, not to mention an API for doing so that is fairly easy to use.   The only downside with Amazon is the £7 cap per sale.   I made the mistake of jumping straight on high ticket prices, only to find that Amazon will only pay a max of £7/sale !!

Paid On Results - These guys so far seem to be the best put togethor pure affiliate network.   They pay up on time, their data feeds are great, and they have a wide variety of target vendors !   This is hands down the network to use if you're just starting out !

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